#1 advocate for rural and low income African women

Mamamoni empowerment foundation is a non profit established to support, equip and mobilize a new breed of independent local African women by providing resources, building skills and facilitating growth to help them thrive in spite of their numerous limitations.

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We are constantly initiating efforts to improve the quality of life of rural African women by shaping their perception of themselves and the value they bring to society.


Mamamoni launched a relief program which was initiated with the advent of Covid 19 to support struggling women who lost their means of livelihood due to the pandemic by helping them restart their business.


Mamamoni runs a vocational training and mentorship program aimed at empowering rural women by equipping them with skills that can help them create value.


Mamatori is a mini documentary series that mirrors the lives of low income African women, highlighting their challenges, dreams and aspirations.

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