Food relief for low-income women during covid-19 lock down

Research has shown that the most affected group of people negatively impacted by the covid-19 pandemic are women in the informal sector.  Many of these women depend on daily income to feed their families.

As an organization we started giving out food relief immediately the announcement was made by the government.

Our team was out all through the lock-down providing food relief to these women in different low-income communities.


Though the lock down was on, our team still found low-income women hawking in streets to get money to feed their families. One of the women we met, told us that if she stays at home her children will die of hunger.

A total of 2300 women were provided with food relief due to covid-19 pandemic.

Recovery business grants for low-income women post covid-19 lock down

Many low-income women were further pushed into poverty due to the covid-19 pandemic.


As an organization we came up with the MamaBiz Project to help low-income female entrepreneurs in different communities in Nigeria to restart their small business with micro grants. This was made possible with the help of our partners.

Over 300 women have benefited from this initiative so far. Here are some of their testimonials.



For partnerships and enquries kindly send a mail to

Shesabi mobile learning platform for women and girls.

25th of June 2021 we launched shesabi  a mobile learning platform which enables women and girls who do not have access to a formal education to learn a vocational, digital, financial and business skill for FREE.


Over the years we have gotten request from women and girls from different communities in Africa to come empower them with sustainable livelihood skills.

Shesabi is a platform we launched to help more women and girls learn a skill, so they can begin to earn an income. At Mamamoni Empowerment foundation we are committed to creating economic opportunities for women and girls in Africa. For enquiry and partnerships send a mail to